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Class Relax takes on some ‘oomph’

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I am always looking for ways to implement Class Relax in various situations, adapting its techniques according to circumstance.

I love it when students ask for Class Relax to help them calm down and focus.

Case in point:

This past week in Nofei Habsor, we had our Annual Art Days Seminar. This year we worked with 9th-graders. My workshop was a form of Puppet Theatre using big 2-faced masks – built of opposites.  The students who signed up were those who have been doing Class Relax with me for 2 1/2 years.

*(We worked on group bonding using some movement exercises, watching our occupation of space and keeping an eye on one another. Puppetry is a very dynamic group activity. Each puppeteer must work with the others in a confined space.)

Ori's mask, both sides of a personality - cheerful and sad, but a hero willing to save another.
Ori’s mask, both sides of a personality – cheerful and sad, but a hero willing to save another.

 When the time came to set up our fantastic stage and turn on our intro music, the kids asked me for a brief meditation session. They sat down with straight backs behind the Puppet Stage and I asked them if they wanted a private session or if I should offer it to everyone in the audience as well. They opted for a full-house session.

And we all noticed our feet on the floor, our bodies on the chair. We sat up straight as if a magnet was pulling us toward the ceiling, shoulders relaxed.

We began to breathe and with our out-breaths we sent good wishes to all those who were performing.

We breathed, we shared, we felt good.

The play was fun and went well. I got to play the victim of a kidnapping and while the masks fought battles for my freedom, they all toppled one by one before the enemy who’d taken me hostage. Tied up, I exerted a graceful turn, clopped him over the head and was free.

Foam rubber battles make for safe expressions of the basic video battle games. I liked being honoured with the story-line of activating my own release.

But I believe what is most important is the overall use of mindfulness both in creating the feeling of a group and in how they worked together.

Class Relax is flexible.

Want to try?

Contact me!

Have a wonderful day,

judih, Class Relax


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