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A. How to use Class Relax

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Welcome to the pursuit of calm and clear-thinking in the classroom.

First, are you a teacher?

Do you have a classroom that allows you access to the net and frontal screening?

If so, this is a meditation application for you.

If any of your answers are no, we can talk about alternate usages, but for now, these instructions are geared towards teacher/student experience in meditation before or during the lesson.

1. You’ve logged into the site. For now, it’s free – just click onto the URL.

2. Go to: Why Implement Meditation in the Classroom? Here you will find 10 reasons why students and teachers will benefit. Choose one reason and speak about it for a few minutes. This gives context to the activity and reassurance that their valuable time will be well-spent!

3. Ask your students how they feel. How many are tired? (show of hands)  How many are energetic? (show of hands) How many are hungry? How many are nervous?

4. According to what most of the kids indicate, you select a suitable meditation. On page 1 – we have the Wonderful Waiter – an exercise that balances the brain and gives the body a wonderful focused work-out. They need to stand up beside their desks.  It comes in two speeds – regular and slow for extra concentration.

This movement exercise is good for overly energetic kids – it channels their energy and for tired kids – it wakes them up by bringing blood flow into their limbs and brains!

Click onto Breathing meditations for students who are a mixed bunch. The two clips have different music. I like to start with the one in front of the Rainbow Mountain.

Guided Imagery – there are two. The Golden Light is more advanced and longer. Go to The White Horse for a beginning taste of Guided Imagery. It’s short and a delightful way to refresh the mind. This is good for tired students, or students who seem to be ‘stuck’ and can’t move into a mind for studying. This will help!

Tibetan Singing Bowl – this is a listening meditation. With every chord of the Singing Bowl, students need to remember to focus on their own breathing. They are not to change anything, just notice their breaths. They may choose to count their breaths or not, it’s up to them.

It’s important to note: A positive atmosphere needs to be provided for Class Relax to work. As a teacher, there should be very gentle reminders not to talk, no anger in the room. A teacher needs to feel the benefit of Class Relax, and if so, even if s/he is the only one in the room to enjoy the pause (and this has never been the case with me) then all the students will reap the benefit!

5. For your information, there are blog posts about using Class Relax in the classroom. Feel free to read and add your comments and suggestions.

Any feedback at any time is welcome!

We want to make Class Relax the best application possible and for that, your feedback is vital!

Thanks so much for using Class Relax


Iris for peaceful contemplation

Iris for peaceful contemplation


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