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end of school…first weekend

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heart Chakra!
heart Chakra!

It’s true. The weekend after.


feel this moment. in song. in muscle relaxation. in the heat of the room.

Before I venture into wrapping up post-school duties, I need to re-cap my last Class Relax session.

Session 5

The most serious students arrived. Ready with questions. ‘How to implement meditation into my mornings?’

The best question.

And the answer led us into our first session sitting: starting with the body on the cushion. The feel of the legs on the floor. The sensation of our body weight in contact with the fabric of the pouf. Making a change in straightening up as if a magnet is leading us up towards the ceiling. Our shoulders are relaxed as we breathe out, letting the air connect our crown chakra to our root chakra.

We then went to the mats to do a body scan, noticing the parts of our body as we lay down. The sensations of pleasant/unpleasant, or comfortable/uncomfortable – taking notes.

We stretched. We became tiny. We altered our body weight to test where we felt balance and where we felt at rest.

All in silence – each working on their own awareness


We transitioned into sitting position. Using the ‘ship’ pose to again work our balance. We then stretched and embarked on a session of offering ‘Lovingkindness’ to ourselves. “May I be safe, be healthy, be happy and live in peace”.

We then thought of someone else, someone in our lives who makes us smile – whether adult, child or even animal. We offered them the phrases: May you be safe, be healthy, be happy, live in peace.”

A third branch was created, thinking of someone who is neutral in our lives – someone who we know exists but of whom we know very little, no personal story. To that person in our world, we offered the phrases of lovingkindness: “May you be safe, be healthy, be happy, live in peace.”


One student commented that it was hard for him to come up with a neutral person, so instead chose someone with whom it was difficult to connect. This student had jumped to the 4th level of the meditation – wishing lovingkindness to one with whom we have difficulty. What I hesitated to bring into that first session, was brought in, in any case!

Note to self: don’t fear!

We shifted our bodies to the table, and took a new look at the mandalas from the previous week.  Breathing out and in, we continued our work of colouring in the outlines.

After a few minutes, I brought up the fact that we were at the end of our sessions and offered a chance for light discussion.  What had we learned. When was the most relaxing time for us. When could we use what we learned in the sessions.

Students thought, spoke up about when they felt best at school. They decided that learning to pay attention to their breathing was going to be a huge aid to them.

and they asked if we could continue the work next year.

I hope there’s a chance to keep working.

Mystical Mandala Colouring book

Mystical Mandala Colouring book

May we have a wonderful summer


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