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Chanukah relaxation

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Have you ever created a lovely clump of wax by dripping candles into a bowl of water?

I haven’t. But nearly every Israeli has and does each Chanukah season. It’s a tradition.

It’s colourful, it’s tactile, it’s relaxing.

My pupils asked me if we could do ‘Candle Drippings’ during out Class Relax session.


The day before we set out for vacation, we conducted a mindful exercise, examining how to approach a situation from a positive point of view or a negative.

We shared.

We drank tea. We noticed that noise could help or hurt our personal space. We noticed that sometimes misunderstandings take a little time but can be resolved with attention and empathy.

Then, at halftime, we cleaned up our tea things and our notebooks, locked up the Relaxation Room and headed down to the room where we’d  be doing our Creative candle dripping session.

There we were, the kids had divided up responsibilities. I only had to provide a reliable candle and a match.

They set off, filling bowls with water and choosing candles to begin the process.

It began with contemplation – which colours and then each took off in a personal world of creating wax upon wax, colour upon colour, glob upon glob.

They were in heaven.

“Judih! You need to do it, too!”

So, I did.

They watched, guiding me as to the best way to drip! They were experienced pros, after all. “Pay attention to your fingers! Don’t get burnt!”

How astute, the warning. How calm the voices.

I think that the language of awareness movement needs to make way for grass roots meditative practices.

This was like taking a vacation into a world of concentration and imagination.

Happy Chanukah!Am8KwFmp_bmGFq1GiOLrNcQLaMbQTWHxIibf1btRp4B1AmmYKtUVw0ra1-G6zd4yq7FSXelekx5DdD6zNZ6b2qgm



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