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Discovering Inside: May 9th, 2017

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Tuesday morning. I had landed back in Israel from Albany/Toronto the day before. Two of my students had landed back home from Mexico a few days before that. We were in a unique physical and mental state of readjustment. Perfect for new insights!


Jill Badonsky’s “The Inner Sanctuary”

The nature of ‘Discovering Inside’ is to observe what is going on within, without judgment. This exercise addresses such an unusual state of being – something slightly off-kilter, something that invites a new approach, and the mind of an investigator.

Our mission: To check out which thoughts cropped up, what feelings, what sensations.

We explored our initial state of being as we gave ourselves a chance to notice 10 breaths.

We spoke of how we were. “Tired”, “tired”, “fine”, “nervous”, “frustrated”,….etc.

We embarked on a few more pointed opportunities to look further:  Choose an animal to describe how you feel.

Sloths, cats, giraffes were some of their answers.


“giraffe,sloth and cat”- sticker by RedBubble

As the session continued, I found the students melting into tiredness, while making the effort to observe.

We got tactical and filled out a questionnaire about ourselves

  • our favourite sounds
  • our least favourites
  • our most recent achievement
  • an incident in which we wished we could have acted differently
  • our real-life heroes
  • what makes us unique.

We proceeded to let those questions and answers filter through us as I eased them into their most desired stage: Body Scan.

I requested that if they began to nod off, they were to open their eyes, or I’d be offering them assistance by ringing the Tibetan Bowl close by. Even so, one sweet girl dissolved into rest.

Upon a gentle revival, back to reality, we re-examined our answers to the questionnaire, one by one, and either changed or added details to our answers.

I’ve found myself totally revising a set of initial answers after a meditation session. Getting in touch with one’s inner essence makes it impossible to give stock answers. One comes clean!

Answers were, indeed, changed. And those who wished to share with the group, offered what they’d said.

Only one question stumped many of the students: “What makes you unique?”

“How wonderful,” I said! “You have a glorious mission ahead of you! Find out!”

They kept on talking past the school bell to end the session. And with sincere thanks, we parted ways.

Again, I’m grateful. This group of kids is truly a gift.




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