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I. Why implement Meditation in the Classroom?

There are many reasons to introduce meditation into a learning environment.

Listed below are some of them.

There is one that you need to know about and it’s not listed. It’s this: taking a few minutes for meditation in the classroom makes for happier people! Happier students and happier teachers.

It’s true and it works. Try! And add your comments.

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3 thoughts on “I. Why implement Meditation in the Classroom?

  1. Reason Number 1:
    Reduce stress in the classroom.

    Students walk into the class. Who knows what they’ve just been through? Teacher confrontations. Gossip from other students. A text that insults them. Nervousness about undone homework. Worries about after-school events. Family situations. The list is as complicated as our students’ lives are many.

    Stress leaves no room for learning. Fear inhibits absorption of information.
    What can be done?

    Disengagement for a few minutes. Taking the time to do nothing but focus on the body, breath and mind will allow our students to experience a break from all the ‘noise’ in their minds. The chance to experience the present moment as it is is a chance to become refreshed and ready for something new.

    Meditation reduces stress because it takes the pressure off! We breathe out and breathe in fresh air. We focus on the breath. And after a few minutes, we’re ready for learning.

    It’s been proven!

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