Class Relax

refocus, renew and get ready to learn

How can I use Mindfulness?


I asked some 7th grade pupils in Nofei Habsor School: How do you use mindfulness (or Class Relax)?

Eyal said: I like to start the morning with a few breaths because it gets me ready for the day

Ofri said: It helps take away the feeling of stress, especially in the morning

Shahaf said: Someone was saying something to get me mad, so I took a few breaths and I was able to answer her in a more mature way.

In Mr. Musumeci’s 5th Grade Class*, this is what some of the kids said:

  1. When I got mad at myself for changing a password, and I couldn’t play video games I used mindfulness. This time I didn’t holler, kick stuff and blame my sister. Instead, I called my cousin and asked him what to do.

2. When my parents started fighting I went to my room and did mindfulness and it made me feel less nervous.

3. I used mindfulness when I was sad because I missed my mom. I did mindful breathing, then I felt better.

4. I was late for the game, and the coach wouldn’t let me play. I used some mindful breaths and then I felt better. I didn’t play but I decided to cheer for our team. I understood that I needed to take responsibility for my actions.

What do other kids say?

Z: I had so much on my mind: my boyfriend was an idiot. My friends didn’t understand me. My job was so boring. My thoughts just kept running through my head and I felt awful. I used mindfulness and after a few minutes, I felt calmer and my head felt a lot clearer.

A: When I have headaches, I do some mindful breaths and it doesn’t hurt as badly. I don’t know why, but it works

* Grossman, L & Alvarez, A: Master of Mindfulness, 2016