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When can I use mindfulness?


  1. When you get really angry, and you feel the blood rush into your face, and you want to punch someone or throw something or run away.


2. You feel sad and your heart feels like it’s broken and you don’t want to leave your room.


3. You are embarrassed because your teacher is asking you to answer and you weren’t paying attention.


4. You’re taking a test and your brain is stuck and you don’t know the answer.


5. People are mean to you and you feel like you are losing it.


6. You are eating and you can’t taste the food because your thoughts are too busy

So, does this sound familiar?

What can you do?

This is the time for mindfulness!

With thanks to the marvellous book: Grossman, L,& Alvarex,A, Master of Mindfulness, 2016