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Teachers! Welcome to Class Relax

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As teachers we get ready everyday for the challenges that await us.

We shower, pack a lunch, drink coffee, check our to do lists, do them and then pause…’before I leave the house, am I ready?’

How can we truly prepare for the million surprises that will come our way?

I’ve found a way. I’m Judih, a teacher for over 25 years,  involved in meditation for more than 40.

I know that if I sit quietly and concentrate on my body, my breath and my mind, even for a few minutes, I feel ready to face the outside world.

This practice is called ‘mindfulness’ and it has been proven to provide many benefits which I’ll talk about in this blog.

Teachers, we can do this for a few minutes in the morning.

A mindfulness practising teacher can offer a more sympathetic ear to her colleagues, her students and most importantly to herself.

What is Class Relax?

Class Relax is a site which offers short meditation video clips to be used in the classroom. You don’t have to study mindfulness in order to use it.  After logging into the site, the teacher and students watch and listen to the instructions. Together, they practice mindfulness for a few minutes and doing so make themselves ready for the lesson.

The site can be used privately, of course. There are choices of short meditation clips according to your needs, whether you need stimulation or calm, movement or sitting still. There are different types of music to suit your preferences.

Welcome to Class Relax, an experience to refresh the mind.


breathing med moutanin rainbow


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