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On-going Class Relax practice

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This third year of going into classrooms at Nofei Habsor Comprehensive School in the Western Negev, bordering the Gaza Strip, I’ve felt a growing sense of welcome as I enter the room.

Teachers are smiling and pleased when I knock on the door during the ‘Good Morning’ pre-lesson, before the day’s curriculum begins.

Kids are happy. Some say “Yoga!” “Judih!” “Yay”. Some put away their cellphones, putting them down mid-video game (which is amazing in itself). Some chatter and need to be brought to attention.This is why it’s great that their Homeroom teacher is present.

Once silence is brought into the room, I begin with a hello and a brief reminder that we are in a process of working on our attention by focusing on our breathing. Then I offer them one of the ten reasons for bringing meditation into their morning.

Reason 1: For reducing stress

How does this work? By…

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